Monday, June 29, 2009


Ok Ok so i am way behind... Its been busy so im trying to catch up. I wanted to share some photos from the wedding i photographed just recently! i usually do not do tons of weddings and mainly do them by word of mouth or referral,i just feel like weddings need your full time and dedication before during and after that big day, and juggling my daily life and photography business it makes it kind of hard to pull it off all the time, but its a great change of pace and something a little different some of the time! They are alot of work but when i do take them on i hope to give 110% and have alot of great pictures for them to have and look back on forever! I took tons of pictures and tried really hard to narrow down my sneek peek pictures,i would love to hear what you all think!


jessica said...

omg sarah these are great! are you sure you don't want to start doing more weddings?! haha!

sarah said...

thanks jessica, well i dont mind every now and then! its actually fun to do something a little different!